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Artisan Industrial

Imagine the Possibilities.

Since the beginning, Artisan Industrial has earned it's reputation as a leading Real Estate Developer in Western Canada.

Intelligent Investing in the right category of the market.

Flip that House……. well Ware-house.
The residential market is crowded with many investors, and homeowners alike. Residential real estate laws tend to favour the rights of tenants, with rent restrictions and rules that favour the tenants. They do not concern themselves with the real estate that occupied by business. This is the space that allows us to seek intelligent investment opportunities.

Proven Track Record

Working with a strong team of industry professionals, we have a proven track record in unlocking value in sites and translating client visions into reality.

Artisan Investment

Whether you are looking to have a fully passive value add real estate investment, collaborate on bespoke projects, or if you are an existing landowner with a joint venture idea, Artisan Industrial has the collective skills and experience to generate results.

Growth and Income.

Real Estate Shift

The real estate market is shifting rapidly all throughout North America. Fifteen years ago, conveniently located physical stores were the answer to our shopping endeavours.
Today, thanks to technology, products don't sit blocks away on store shelves, but rather miles away in warehouses, therefore increasing the need for industrial buildings like never before. That, paired with the fact that Industrial real estate has been the best performing real estate category in the last twenty years, makes it the best place to invest.
Our investment strategy only focuses on buildings that are part of this shift in demand.

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If you are an Accredited Investor and would like more information about investing in our Industrial Fund, please contact our VP of Business Development.

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